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                    “The first half of my life was a nightmare!”- What happened to a female entrepreneur who had to start again from scratch?

                    2018-05-23 Source:Kaiwind

                    Female entrepreneurs are always considered to be shrewd, competent, especially strong willed and difficult to be influenced by others. 

                    For example, Dong Mingzhu, the confident and decisive Chairwoman of Gree Electric. 


                     Or Tao Huabi, the resolute and firm founder of the famous Chinese brand “Lao Gan Ma” 


                    With tough characters, they take a place among leading entrepreneurs and their perseverance has created national brands. 

                    However, not everything in their lives goes so smoothly. 

                    Dong Mingzhu is a typical case of “Great minds mature slowly.” 

                    Tao Huabi went through hard times in her early years. 

                    Their stories are perfect evidence that shrewdness is not inherited. 

                    There is another female entrepreneur in Jiangxi province. 

                    She has suffered many a setback during her life. 

                    The best words to describe the first haf of her life would be “complete darkness.” 

                    But now, her business has paid taxes of more than one million rmb and has been awarded the title of “The leading local enterprise of agricultural industrialization”  

                    So, what happened during the first half of her life? And what has changed her later life? 

                    Let’s share the story of Peng Yu

                    Stabbing a sharp knife into relatives’ hearts! 

                    Peng Yu was born in 1970. In 1997, in order to improve her health, the sickly Peng began to practice Falun Gong in accordance with advice she received from a so-called local doctor. 

                    Falun Gong is a cult established by Li Hongzhi in 1992 and banned according to the law by the Chinese government in 1999. Li has always boasted that he is the “major Buddha” and “the Savior”. He claimed that only his followers can survive in the face of doomsday. Moreover, anyone practicing Falun Gong should give up family bonds and friendship. The most typical fallacy is that “karma” is to be blamed for illness and the only method to eliminate “karma” is Falun Gong. But unfortunately, many followers have passed away as they refused to seek medical advice. 

                    Peng Yu persisted in practicing Falun Gong for 20 years, even after the cult was banned. During that period, she gave up her normal life and repeatedly went back to the wrong path that Falun Gong presented to her, which finally resulted in her  abandoning her husband and daughter. But obstinate Peng refused to quit. 

                    When she first encountered Falun Gong, she was quickly promoted to be a responsible person at a tutorial station owing to her strong organizational ability and eloquence. Under her influence, her family also joined the cult. 

                    To be noteworthy, in September 2007, Peng was arrested again for participating in the illegal activities of the cult. She was suffering severe mental health problems at that time. In order to safeguard the doctrines, she fasted intermittently for 40 days. She even regarded it as the test given by “master” Li Hongzhi and a perfect opportunity to “come to perfection”. Meanwhile, Peng also firmly believed that “Master Li” would come to save her. 

                    Unfortunately, “Master” never appeared. Instead, she was at the gates of death and her aged parents were heart-stricken. “What you have done is just like a sharp knife stabbing into our hearts. I toss about in bed every night due to grief!” Said Peng’s mother.    

                    Where is my mom? I miss her so much.

                    Peng Yu ruined her daughter’s childhood for her belief in Falun Gong. 

                    Mengmeng, the daughter of Peng, was 9 months old when her mother began to practice Falun Gong. During pregnancy, Peng was in bad health and suffered from potential habitual abortion. After bed rest for 39 weeks, she finally welcomed a baby girl. She even swore to protect Mengmeng from any harm with her life.  

                    But some things go contrary to one’s wishes. The one thing that hurt Mengmeng most was her mother. 

                    As Peng always took part in Falun Gong activities at other places, Mengmeng was raised by Peng’s elder sister from the age of 9 months and sent to a boarding nursery at 3 years old. So Mengmeng is precocious but sensitive and self-abased without maternal love. 

                    One day, Peng Yu saw a diary written by her daughter, which said: 

                    “In my memory, my mom often went on ‘business trips’. So I really envy my classmates who are picked up by their mothers after classes. I was sick today and a teacher took me to the hospital. I was dizzy but I realized many people came to see me, including classmates, teachers, aunts …but not my mom. So where on earth is my mom? I miss her so much.” 

                    These words aroused Peng’s maternal instincts. She took a long look at her own actions and asked herself what in hell she had done. 

                    Peng has now completely rid herself of the cult and its hold over her. But when talking about her girl, she was unable to hold back her tears. “When I recall my wrong doings, I still cannot understand my behavior at that time. How ruthless I was regardless of the tears of my parents and cries of my daughter. I sincerely feel regret for my daughter and I was really an unqualified mother!”  

                    In order to help former cult followers return to a normal life, joint efforts by people from all walks of life in Guixi, Jiangxi province, have been made to prepare them for future difficulties. 

                    Peng Yu is such a case. 

                    “No one should linger on the past. What you should do is  seize the present and prepare for a better future!” These words have dragged Peng from bitter memories back to reality. 

                    In 2010, Peng began to engage once more in housework and the family business. In August 2011, Peng and her husband decided to move their business to Enterprise zones. But there were problems with the roads, water and electricity that would affect the normal operation of business. 

                    After Guixi Municipal Leading Group on Dealing with Heretical Religions learned of the situation, relevant personnel took the initiative to handle the issues and help recover production. 

                    The group also coordinated with departments of agriculture, farmers and social security to provide a favorable environment. Other issues like trademark registration, food safety and security and environmental problems were all settled through cooperation with the administration for industry and commerce, department of health and epidemic prevention as well as the local police station . 

                    Sincere assistance is fruitful. At present, a food processing plant founded by Peng Yu and her husband covers an area of more than 30 mu(2 hectares) and pays taxes of over one million. More than 60 rural surplus labor force and laid-off workers have been re-employed at the plant. Moreover, the plant has been awarded the title of “leading local enterprise of agricultural industrialization” by Guixi and Yingtan. 

                    Peng Yu said with a smile: “In recent days, several businessmen from Zhejiang province came to seek cooperation with me. We hope to further expand our business in the future.” 

                    She is grateful to the all the assistance she received. “I really thank everyone for not giving up on me for so many years. With such help I can return to normal life.” She added.

                    The lost people should wake up to reality and restore their normal life. 

                    In recent years, Peng Yu also actively makes a personal example to convince and persuade former cult followers. Her real and appealing story has helped those followers come to see the truth and get rid of cults. 

                    In April 2010, former cult friends attempted to lobby Peng to give out leaflets and advocate for the cult. At that time, Peng Yu had already been freed from the cult’s fallacies. Hence she resolutely rejected and exhorted former fiends to repent before it was too late. 

                    Peng Yu said: “I was blinded by the cult in the past. Lost in the darkness of my mental world alone. I was a zombie and total lunatic. I would advise those going astray to wake up to reality and return to normal life.” 

                    A prosperous business and an amicable family bring real happiness to Peng now. Moreover, her beloved daughter was admitted to her ideal university last year. According to Peng, the first half of her life was a nightmare, but the future life should be full of happiness. 

                    (Note: Peng Yu and Mengmeng mentioned in the article are all feigned names in order to protect privacy of persons involved)


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